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Baby Brownie Special
pic time bear
moon_shine wrote in vintage_cameras

Baby Brownie Special
Baby Brownie Special

Ok so I picked this up at a yard sale yesterday who knew ;o) I paid 25cents for it now it is missing the Viewfinder but will look good with my other cameras ;o) anyway
Now this is what I found out about this camera

In 1930 In order to update the original box Brownie, Kodak commissioned Walter Dorwin Teague (Design Patent D-92,830) to create a more modern and convenient box camera using the new wonder material, Bakelite. {Now Don’t you just love Bakelite I do ;o) } The Baby Brownie emerged as a small basic camera (in the art decó style) with direct vision optical finder. The shutter is operated by the lever under the lens. Cameras made for export in 1939 have "brief/time" button, above the lens. Both of these cameras were made in the USA. The cameras were manufactured from 1934 to 1941 in the USA and from 1948 to 1952 in the UK.

· MANUFACTURER: Eastman Kodak Company (US) and Kodak Ltd. (UK)
· PRODUCED: between: 1934 – 1952
· Introduced: Sept 1932
· LENS: Meniscus
· SHUTTER: Rotary
· FILM SIZE: 127
· PICTURE SIZE: 1 5/8 X 2 1/2" or 6 x 4 cm
· Original price: $1.25
· Approximate worth?: $10-17 but I did find some asking As high as $35.00


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