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Brownie Flash SIX-20
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moon_shine wrote in vintage_cameras

Brownie Flash SIX-20
Brownie Flash SIX-20

Now this is a camera given to me by my mom, she used it for many years recording the family history now I keep it on a shelf next to a cigar Box full of old photos, memories of a life time.

Brownie Flash Six-20 (1946 - 1955)

The body of the Six-20 Flash Brownie is made of metal covered with black leather.
Lens & shutter are typical for this type of camera: meniscus lens and rotative shutter. The focusing is done by selecting one of the two ranges of distance offered: "5 to 10 feet" and "Beyond 10 feet". The shutter offers two speeds: [I] instantaneous and Pause [B].

The shutter release located on the top of the camera can be locked in order to avoid unexpected snapshot. On the other side is the film advance wheel. The camera has, on the left hand, a folding stand used to position the camera vertically (due to a rectangular format). Uses A film format 620 (Six 20) and The possibility to connect a bulb flash powered by 2 batteries of 1,5 volts


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