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AGFA D-6 Shur-Shot Box Camera
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moon_shine wrote in vintage_cameras

AGFA D-6 Shur Shot Box
I picked this camera up about 2 months ago for 2 bucks at a yard sale It had the manual too so was Interesting to read about it so here is what I know.

AGFA D-6 Shur-Shot Box Camera
·Produced 1932-? Agfa Ansco Corp, Binghamton, NY USA
·Film type D6 (116) rollfilm
· Picture size 6.5x11 or 6.5x6.5
· Weight 21.8oz (618g)
· Lens single-element meniscus
· Focal range assume 2m to infinity for most box cameras
· Shutter simple spring w/sliding aperture disc
· Shutter speeds one speed, about 1/60
· Viewfinder two ground glass screens (reflectors are polished steel)
· Exposure meter none

a American made box camera the model D6, which takes 116 film, Picture size selection (square vs. rectangle) is done by flipping some metal 'wings' down or up inside the back of the camera (on the pullout part known as the 'cone'). Operation is super-simple, just aim the fixed-focus lens at the subject, composing on your choice of landscape or portrait format ground glass, and click the shutter.
Agfa-Ansco made box cameras in both D6 (116) and B2 (120) format, and it's hard to tell the difference unless you see it say D6 or B2 somewhere on the camera.
There are three controls on the Shur-Shot: 'Shutter' (shutter), a tab marked 'Time' which when you pull it out equals a 'B' setting (shutter is open until released), and another tab marked 'Diaphragm' with two detents, one marked 'filter' which puts another piece of glass between the lens and the film, and another which gives a slightly smaller aperture. So there are actually two 'aperture' settings, large and small. it's essentially a cardboard box with a very simple shutter and lens


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